Silk Double Bed / Queen Size Bedspread with Royal Elephant

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      This new queen size bed cover are produced by artisans living in northern Thailand. It's designed with Elegant Thai Royal Elephant patterns in the center of the spread , this pattern is done with gold silk thread surround with famous traditional Thai pattern  as seen in the picture. The shame ends are made from golden silk and black silk , they are soft and shine well in the light. The main color is maroon.
      The overall size is 80" X 102" ( 205cm x 260cm ), It will fit a Queen Sized Bed with 10" drop on either side or Double Sized Bed with 12" drop on either side. (Please note that standard double bed size is 54" x 75" and standard queen size is 60" x 80".)

       This superb product will make elegance bedroom decor and add a touch of the orient to any bedroom.

Measurements:   80" x 102" (205cm x 260cm)

Material:  Silk

Available Color: Maroon / Burgundy, Brown

Design: Royal Thai Elephant